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We will touch base with you several times a year to give you a full update of your account.

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Start finance specialises in both your superannuation and personal insurance needs. Our expert advisers hold the experience and knowledge to assist you with setting up the right insurance policies and guide your with getting on top of your superannuation.

We can assist you in locating and combining your superannuation, ensure that you are secured with the right insurance cover to suit you; allowing you to make informed decisions about setting up the right cover to protect your future. With ongoing services such as annual reviews and personal account managers that can assist with your queries, Start Finance can help you achieve you superannuation and insurances goals with ease.

We strive in aiming to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients producing smart solutions that are cost effective and suit your needs. Contact us on 1300 768 491 to get on top of your superannuation and insurances and let our friendly staff take care of the rest.




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Dedicated Account Manager

You will get priority access from your own dedicated account manager to assist in managing your account.


Claims Assistance

In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim we are able to assist from our many years of experience and knowledge of the industry to guide you through the process.


Personal Account Reviews

We will touch base with you several times a year to give you an update on your account. To check if you need to update your level of cover of beneficiaries.

We Care


You can reach out for our support with matters such as medical concerns, grief, depression, elderly care or stress management. We’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week & we have counsellors available as part of the team. Counsellors can be engaged across the spectrum of counselling requirements.


Funeral Assist

Lean on us for assistance following the loss of a relative & we’ll help you select a funeral home, decide on a type of funeral, and even look to arrange things such as the after-service function and catering. We are here to help with advice on the steps you should take.


Legal & Tax

We can assist you with legal and tax issues such as preparing a Will, making a power of attorney, or personal tax advice. Examples of these services could include rental agreements, landlord issues, tax returns in Australia, etc.

Home & Care

You can also access home care services. We will connect you with reliable providers that can assist with everything for services such as gardening, cleaning, childcare, removals, locating new accommodation to name a few.

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