Q: I have been told that I may be able to access my ‘restricted non-preserved benefit’ when I cease employment with my employer?

A : A restricted benefit is a unique category of super benefit that one who was a member of a Superannuation fund before 1 July 1999 may hold. The term ‘restricted benefit’ is a term ... (continue reading)

Q: I have retired before aged 60yo. When can I access my super?

A :  If you have reached your preservation age and have retired, then you can access your Superannuation benefits. One’s preservation depends on one’s date of birth (refer table below).  Australians can have a preservation ... (continue reading)

Q: I am a male, 65yo & need to access funds from my Superannuation Fund, to pay for some medical expenses.

A: Anyone aged 65yo or over can access super benefits without retiring or satisfying any other special condition of release. Attaining 65yo is a condition of release. For a fund member to access their Superannuation ... (continue reading)