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Super is one of the most important accounts many Australians will hold in their lifetime, do you know your superannuation account balance? Are you sure of how many superannuation accounts you have?

If you have ever changed your name, address or employment, you may have some lost super.  A member is recorded as having lost super when their account has been inactive for two or more years. This is your money and future retirement. You are likely to be paying fees on your lost super, which will decrease your balance over time.

Why not locate your missing super monies and collate them in one fund ensuring you are only paying one set of fees. By minimising the amount of management fees you are paying you are now able to have your life insurance premiums paid through your superannuation. Not only minimising your out of pocket expenses but ensuring your super is working for you.

Life Insurance

Do you want “Peace of Mind” – knowing your family is protected financially in the event of your death? Life insurance does that. Life insurance is taken out by an individual to provide a financial payout in the event of your death. Policies generally provide a lump sum payment and therefore provide financial stability to the nominated beneficiaries.  There are many different life insurances including term life insurance, total permanent disability (TPD) insurance, trauma insurance and income protection.

How do you get the best deal on life insurance? Quotes can be obtained online or by contacting each insurer directly. However achieving a suitable comparison can be difficult as life insurance policies vary greatly from insurer to insurer.  Seeking professional advice is the fastest and easiest way of ensuring you receive the right insurance for your personal situation.

We are an Australian owned company and we can help you save up to 30% on your life insurance. We compare 15 insurance companies and provide an instant quote and instant cover.

We can help you compare policies and work out the best policy to suit your individual needs

Income Protection Insurance

Nobody likes to think about the possibility of suffering a serious illness or injury in the future. You can’t foresee this happening, but you can make plans to help support yourself should the unexpected happen. Income Protection insurance can provide you with an ongoing monthly income in the event you become disabled (either totally or partially) and are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Payment of a benefit will commence at the expiry if the waiting period and will continue until the end of the benefit period as long as you remain disabled.